CleanTech Energies Limited (CTE) is a UK-based consultant in renewable energies

Since 2006, (CTE) has worked with its affiliated company, Investment & Portfolio Consultants Limited (IPC), regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, to provide specialist financial services and bespoke solutions for clients in Renewable Energies.

CTE and IPC, both based in London, have been active in the sector for over ten years, advising on publicly listed companies as well as private equity investments in projects ranging from clean technology to green field start-ups to turnkey solar parks.

CTE’s expertise lies in identifying and evaluating prospective projects and relevant technologies, in order to determine the merits and return profile for each client’s energy needs.

IPC draws on its own expertise of 35 years and an international network of industry contacts to identify, evaluate and offer clients financial engineering and structured investment opportunities, based on the individual merits and the risk reward profile of each client’s investment strategy and time horizon.

Collectively, CTE and IPC have a solid track record in consulting, raising equity, advising and structuring solutions. We have successfully taken one of our clients from inception to successful financial exit, assisting in the co-founding of a renewable energy development company which became the largest single solar park in Europe at the time, with a development pipeline in excess of 1000MW.

Key Members of the Team

Zev Crystal

Principal & Joint Managing Director

David F. Crystal

Principal & Joint Managing Director

Leonard A. Watson

Senior Renewable Energy Analyst

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